Mwenyopaleka - "The dream lives on"


Mwenyopaleka is an Oshiwambo word meaning “revitalisation”, but it can also be used as a synonym for “rebirth”. Mwenyopaleka is a long-term programme that was launched in 2004. Its principal objective is to instill the Group’s purpose, values and vision, as well as the associated behaviours, in the hearts and minds of each employee in the O&L Group. Over the past few years, the Mwenyopaleka Road Show Programme has allowed the Group to promote and communicate these objectives to employees.

The main purpose of the programme is as follows:

  • To revitalise the O&L Group through the active and consistent communication of the Purpose, Values and Vision,
  • To move away from a rule-driven employment relationship to a value-driven one in order to gain long-term employee commitment, and
  • To use our Purpose, Values and Vision as drivers in achieving all the goals in the “Vision 2019 breakthrough plan”

Annual Road Shows

A total of 14 road show programmes are hosted each year in all the major towns and cities in which the Group has a business presence. These road shows are all linked to a specific theme. The programme involves various activities such as industrial theatre, songs, dance, and games.

Annual “Value Star” Award Ceremony and Edutain Trip

At this annual gala event, recognition is given to the monthly “Value Star” winners from the various operating companies, and an overall “Value Star” winner per operating company is announced.

Once a year, the overall “Value Star” winners are taken on an all-expense-paid trip. During this excursion, a special effort is made to ensure that all participants are involved in educational as well as entertaining activities. Locations visited by previous winners include Victoria Falls in Zambia (2005 and 2006), Sun City and Monte Casino in South Africa (2007 and 2008), Mauritius (2009 and 2010) and Cape Town, South Africa (2011,2013 & 2014).


Employee Engagement – O&L People Strategy

In order to enhance our drive on the journey towards Vision 2019, we will rely on the power of employee engagement, at both strategic and on-the-ground levels. Employee Engagement will develop the personal connection to our vision, purpose and values - leverage the corporate brand to build belonging and ambassadorship and create a breakthrough environment for all O&L employees.
Employee Engagement is the essence of connecting with employees by involving them in various initiatives such as communication, leadership development and creating excellent employment experiences.
The Employee Engagement initiative has been introduced as part of the centralised communication strategy. The initiatives include electronic newsletters, ‘Touch 5000’ Campaign, produce value based posters, continuous engagement sessions with all employees, sms communication and publications as a special ‘gift’ to all employees acknowledging the achievements in order to become the most progressive and inspiring company.