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Published: 19 July 2017

Project Shine celebrates 10 years of success

Project Shine celebrates 10 years of success Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – re-affirmed its longstanding commitment to Project Shine with a donation of N$80,000 to the 2017 campaign. Celebrating its 10th year of existence since its inception in 2007 on World Environmental Day, Project Shine - a partnership project between the Swakopmund Municipal Council; main sponsor NBL; Bannerman Resources; First National Bank (FNB Namibia), and Plastic Packaging - continues to grow in success.

Project Shine comprises of two environmental activities namely a clean-up campaign and an awareness campaign. The main focus of the cleanup campaign remains on the main road between Swakopmund and Arandis (30 km outside) and the back road to Henties Bay from the B2 road, behind DRC.

Renel Sass, NBL Depot Manager – Logistics: “NBL, as the initiator and main sponsor of the annual campaign, is proud to reaffirm our ongoing commitment to environmental preservation by continuing to support the Project Shine initiative and activities in the Erongo region. We are proud to be associated with this project as it supports a clean and safe environment, something NBL is very passionate about. Through looking after our environment, we contribute to the health and safety of our people, which strongly supports the O&L group purpose of ‘Creating a future, Enhancing life’ for all Namibians.”

According to the project coordinator, Paulina Engelbrecht, the clean-up campaign was aimed at cleaning the main road from Swakopmund to Arandis of litter, but was then extended to the beaches of Swakopmund to Henties Bay, the Swakop River mouth area and certain sections of the desert, east of Swakopmund. Engelbrecht: “The awareness campaign is focused on instilling mindfulness and understanding of waste management, as well as the risk involved in illegal dumping of waste along the roads and open spaces, and to put more focus on the importance of recycling the waste generated in municipal jurisdiction. This project promotes cleanliness, recycling and contributes to the social upliftment of Swakopmund. Project Shine has grown to become a remarkable environmental activity which has been embraced and strongly supported by the community. We appreciate NBL as one of the founding sponsors’ great support and commitment to this project over the years.”

O&L Group Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya: “As Namibian citizens we all have a responsibility to keep our environment clean and safe. However, such efforts will not succeed without the contribution from each and every one of us to make a positive change. Exciting about this project is that it engages local communities, schools and the youth.”

For more information on Project Shine, Paulina Engelbrecht can be contacted at and marketing officer of the project, Ailie Gebhardt is available at, or 064 4104218.
Published: 17 July 2017

Weathermen & Co turn up the heat to celebrate four years

Weathermen & Co turn up the heat to celebrate four years

Just like clouds build up slowly over time on a hot day before shaking your world with a good thunder storm, the same can be said for Namibian advertising agency, Weathermen & Co Advertising (W&Co). Celebrating four years in the business, W&Co - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – marked this milestone by winning a five-way pitch for the premium advertising contract with the country’s leading mobile telecommunications service provider, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), and more recently, First National Bank (FNB) and other brands in the Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) stable.

W&Co Managing Director, Leon Crous: “We're incredibly excited about the recent wins, and immensely proud of the team who pushed really hard to make this happen! And while we are over the moon about the contracts signed with MTC and FNB, we are just as excited about the 4th year anniversary of W&Co. A few things need to click together to make a business journey a successful one. The business schools simply say that there are three key components. Your numbers need to make sense, you need a compelling story, and you need the right people on the proverbial bus. For W&Co people have always been core to our success. We're fortunate to have a great team of individuals that are ferociously passionate about what they do and to deliver value to our clients. We have phenomenal support from our business partners and shareholders, and we have great clients that entrusts us with their brands and allow us to do what we do to the best of our ability. It's in these enduring relationships that we manage to make the numbers happen and create work that allows us to work with a growing number of clients.”

Crous adds that the W&Co team thrive on progress and the energy that comes with working on exciting brands that allows the team to produce work that create lasting impressions. Crous: “We’ve gone from a start-up to an agency that is delivering quality strategic work that’s making a real difference to our clients’ brands while impacting their business results, and this has proven us to be a valued partner in their business.”

O&L Group Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme says W&Co has over the past few years proven to have the potential to be one of the best in Africa. Thieme: “We are extremely proud of what Weathermen has accomplished in such a short span of time and I am personally inspired by the passion, dedication and drive of this extraordinary creative team that continuously deliver breakthrough ideas and results.”

An employer of more than 20 staff, W&CO is also a former “ad of the week" winner by renowned South African marketing blog for its Tafel Lager TV commercial.

Thieme: “W&Co was born in The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town in February 2013 by a group of agency folk with extensive expertise in the management and creative execution of numerous O&L Brands. What started as a discussion about the needs and wants of O&L with Jupiter CT, turned into a company determined to take over the world of advertising in Namibia – a company that now boasts some of the country’s largest corporates as clientele,” Thieme concluded.

Other clients apart from the lucrative deals just signed with MTC and FNB include Total Namibia; Namibia Breweries, Namib Mills, Namibia Dairies, and the O&L Group amongst others.

Published: 14 July 2017

O&L Group invests N$ 1.5 million in Monte Christo Project School

O&L Group invests N$ 1.5 million in Monte Christo Project School On Wednesday, 12 July 2017, the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group reaffirmed commitment of its purpose “Creating a future, enhancing life” when it handed over two mobile classrooms to the Monte Christo Project School at a ceremony officiated by the Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture at the school.

Still in its infancy, the O&L and Monte Christo Project School’s relationship dates back to the school’s inception at the beginning of 2016 when the O&L Group manifested its commitment to enhancing education in Namibia by donating two mobile classrooms to the Monte Christo Project School through the Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture. Since then, the O&L Group has been on a journey to contribute to quality education by providing learners at this school with an improved learning and teaching environment. To date, the Group has invested four (4) mobile classrooms to the value of N$ 1.5 million while adding the establishment of a Soup Kitchen at the school which will play a critical role in feeding the young learners and keeping them fit for education.

“On behalf of the entire O&L Group, we are extremely humbled by the opportunity to make a difference in the life of the Namibian child and I can assure you that the relationship we have fostered with the Monte Christo Project School is one we hope and look forward to continue for years to come”, said the O&L Group Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme during his statement at the official handover ceremony. “As recently as last week, it was reported in one of our local daily newspapers, that despite Namibia having the ‘Education for All’ policy, which means basic education is free of charge at state schools, many children are still not enrolled. One of the major reasons given why many children of school-going age are not attending school, is POVERTY. This is alarming and dare I say, UNACCEPTABLE!”

Thieme continued to emphasize that education is a fundamental human right, and a key driver to building a prosperous nation. Thieme: “It is said that education starts at home, and rightly so. But, if we as parents, teachers, political leaders, learners, business Namibia and the country at large collectively own this responsibility and stand together to ensure that every child has access to quality education, the impact can and will be so much greater! The O&L Group, driven by our purpose ‘Creating a Future, Enhancing Life’, acknowledges that our contribution to building the Namibian house is not only in our economic contribution or role in creating jobs, but also by playing our part in education and skills development. While building innovative and sustainable businesses is imperative to growing an economy, and a growing economy is the key to creating jobs and addressing unemployment, all of these are dependent on the ability of the labor force to deliver upon the needs of industry. We must therefore put the necessary resources behind education and skills development so that our own people are empowered and equipped to fill the skills gap we are often faced with. A skilled labor force not only means that more people are employed, but that we are able to drive innovation, develop new businesses and further enhance sustainability – which in turn creates new opportunities for all Namibians. And, as I always remind my colleagues, if we do not take people off the streets, they will take us into the streets.”

According to the Minister of Education, Arts & Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa whose statement was delivered on her behalf by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Veno Kauaria, the establishment of the Monte Christo Project School was one of the initiatives by the Khomas Directorate of Education, Arts & Culture to cater for the needs of the learner population in the area. Two other schools, namely the Moses Garoëb Project School (also supported by the O&L Group for the past three years) and the Havana Secondary Project School were also established either in tents or in prefabricated structures due to the high demand for education (school) facilities in the area. Hanse-Himarwa: “The O&L Group, one of the friends of Education, is making a huge difference in creating a conducive teaching and learning environment for the less-privileged groups of society. I must commend O&L on a job well done. At close inspection of these structures it is hard to believe that they are indeed containerized classrooms. They provide all the required specifications and safety features necessary to protect the children against the elements of nature and to afford them an opportunity to receive their education in a conducive learning environment. It is my strong conviction that collectively we should be able to achieve our noble goals to educate and train the Namibian child and equip them to become the masters of their own destiny. I am particularly happy for the holistic approach of the leadership of the O&L Group in that you not only cater for the cognitive development of children, but also for their physical well-being. The attachment of a soup kitchen to the existing infrastructure was a brilliant idea in that it addresses the basic need of nutrition for the learners. The majority of learners in this area hail from socio-economic backgrounds and the provision of a simple meal will go a long way in attracting thousands of learners to attend school.”

The Principal of the Monte Christo Project School, Elizabeth Murangi expressed the school’s delight and appreciation at the support it has received from the O&L Group: “Nothing we do or say will ever justify what the O&L Group means for our school and community. We appreciate and treasure the special relationship that we enjoy with our O&L family. The classrooms donated last year has made such a difference in the learning environment and spirit of the learners and teachers that I am fully confident that these two new classrooms will add even more spark to the lives and performance of both the learners and the teachers.”

The Monte Christo Project School was founded in February 2016. The school currently has approximately 440 learners enrolled.
Published: 13 July 2017

Namibian talent praise O&L Mwenyopaleka Roadshow

Namibian talent praise O&L Mwenyopaleka Roadshow The Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group 2017 annual Mwenyopaleka Roadshow that reaches out to more than six thousand employees every year, recently celebrated another successful season. O&L Group Manager: Employee Engagement, Sonja Thieme says the employee engagement initiative continues to grow from strength to strength every year and attributes the successes to the full-on Namibian talent that always forms part of the annual event.

Significant about this much anticipated calendar event for the employees of the group, which is aimed at investing in the growth of O&L employees across the country, is that it at the same time is a platform that promotes Namibian talent and skills in line with the Group’s purpose of ‘Creating a future, Enhancing life’. As a result, every single talent that forms part of this roadshow is Namibian.

Actors that bring to life the values of the O&L Group through drama on the roadshow are led by Namibian veteran, Dr. Laurinda Olivier-Sampson - Senior lecturer in Drama, and Head of Department: Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Namibia (UNAM). Dr. Olivier-Sampson: “I joined the Mwenyopaleka team during its 3rd year (2006). The biggest contribution to me has been the opportunity to provide industry experience for my students. At the moment the industry is not strong enough to provide internships for Performing Arts students, and it has been a wonderful opportunity for these students to do an ‘internship’ with a dedicated team and a committed client. They have benefitted enormously and for that I am really thankful to O&L. The actors come away with a lot more confidence in themselves and their craft. I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial this project is to those who participate in it. The Mwenyopaleka project strengthens skills and empowers the artists to create opportunities for themselves. I can tell you that O&L is at the forefront of employee upliftment with the Mwenyopaleka roadshow. While the use of Industrial Theatre for industry is not a new concept, O&L is the only company in Namibia that fully utilizes the potential of Industrial Theatre. That to me shows breakthrough thinking on the part of the leaders.”

On the production side of the roadshow, veteran and one of the most valued names in the field, dB Audio once again stepped on board for the 2017 Mwenyopaleka Roadshow. dB Audio Partner, Ernst Steynberg: “I speak on behalf of Team dB when I say that being involved with the Mwenyopaleka Roadshow has been a permanently enriching experience. It is such a pleasure to work on a project where one can wholeheartedly relate to the message being communicated. O&L's Purpose, Vision and Values are extremely inspiring and aligns perfectly with the corporate culture dB Audio Namibia is working towards. The messages being communicated is so easy for the production team to incorporate in their own lives, and that in turn spills over to the rest of our organization after the road show is over - indeed ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’. Mwenyopaleka is also one of the largest corporate projects annually and it is a fantastic opportunity for the dB team to be able to conceptualize, design, engineer, plan and execute a project of this scale. We are extremely grateful at O&L for creating this opportunity - not only for us in the technical events industry, but also for the opportunities it creates for artists like actors, singers, dancers, MCs, photographers and Film Makers - to be able to grow in ‘challenging’ industries”. Initially dB Audio stepped on board as technical support – sound, lights, stage, screens, etc. – but since 2013 dB Audio has also been involved in the concept development, event direction and backstage management.

The video production crew of this year’s road show was under the leadership of Lila Swanepoel Productions. Lila Swanepoel has been producing video content for Mwenyopaleka since 2013. Born in Namibia, she obtained her National Diploma in Film and Video Technology from the Cinema and Television School, Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa. Her work on the international front include films such as Mad Max Fury Road (2012) where she was part of the 2016 Oscar Winning production design team; Lord of War (2005), and The Fall (2004). Swanepoel: “Mwenyopaleka just gets bigger and better every year and everyone involved has become one big family. The O&L Group values compare directly with my values in life which makes the Mwenyopaleka experience extra special. It has enriched my life on so many different levels, but most importantly it gives me the opportunity to empower young up-and-coming talent of the Namibian Film and TV Industry whom I take under my wing and mentor during the Mwenyopaleka Roadshow. This opportunity provides them with unparalleled work experience and industry exposure and ties in directly with the O&L purpose ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’, and value ‘We Grow People’. This year O&L granted me the opportunity to hand-pick and welcome two very talented young Namibian crew members to the 2017 Video Production Team. The camera crew consisted of Nafimane Jonas and Barry Mawonga who both are past and current students at the College of The Arts (COTA).”

For renowned photographer, Willem Vrey 2017 was his third year as the official photographer for the Mwenyopaleka Roadshow. Vrey: “I have to say that this is by far the best production that I have ever worked on from a team-member perspective. Not only is it simply a fun experience to get to travel around the country with such a diverse and professional team of people, but it also feels really good to be part of something that honestly does good for its target audience. I didn't know much about O&L before becoming part of this team, but what I have learned about the O&L values and the fairness and respect with which the group treats its employees has been an eye-opener. I also love how we are able to get really complex ideas and concepts across to such a large and diverse group of people in a fun and engaging way without the audience ever being patronized or spoken down to - which is a massively impressive feat that only an organization that really cares about and understand its culture and employees would be able to pull off. I also have to mention that the organizing team from O&L Centre is simply the single most professional and well-oiled group of people working on any production of this sort in the country, and it's been a massive honor to be part of it. So thank you very much O&L for bringing me along this adventurous ride!”

Namibian songbird and actress, Lize Ehlers was the Master of Ceremonies (MC)/host of the 2017 Mwenyopaleka Roadshow. Ehlers: “The Mwenyopaleka Roadshow has truly opened my eyes to what a difference living and leading your company’s, and own values can make. Working towards a vision completely changes one’s perspective of passion and input, as well as the journey itself. And then of course, the ‘purpose’ just glues it all together. The entire show, people, execution and journey was a highly educational yet entertaining experience. I saw the employees/ambassadors realizing things they might have taken for granted before. What a positive reality.”

Dancer and choreographer, Angus William Jobs, better known by his stage name ‘Angelo’ says the 2017 Mwenyopaleka Roadshow was a learning experience for him. Angelo: “As a hip-hop dancer and choreographer, the roadshow afforded me a lot of exposure while enjoying a perfect platform to see and experience the land of the brave. The Mwenyopaleka Roadshow is motivational and educational, and inspires not only the O&L employees but everyone who is part of this magnificent journey! This year's roadshow was indeed an incredible experience. As for the dance sector it opened doors in ways which I never thought possible. The possibilities out there in Namibia are endless as the audience is very welcoming.”
Published: 11 July 2017

Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Project Schools receive milk from Namibia Dairies

Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Project Schools receive milk from Namibia Dairies Namibia Dairies – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - on Friday, 07 July 2017 re-affirmed its commitment to the Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Project Schools in Havanna with the handover of one month’s supply of milk to the schools and its learners in celebration of World Milk Month commemorated in June. Approximately 2240 learners (1800 at Moses Garoëb and 440 at Monte Christo) will benefit from this donation which includes 600 litres of milk.

“Despite the current economic challenges which has a great impact on the entire business sector, including Namibia Dairies, and of course our general desire for even stronger support from our fellow Namibians, it is important for us to remain committed to uplifting the lives of our communities. The Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Project Schools were adopted by the O&L Group since inception, and have received tremendous support from the entire group, including Namibia Dairies. Education, youth, and skills development are strong focus areas in the O&L Corporate Social Investment (CSI) agenda, and Namibia Dairies is passionately dedicated to the O&L purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians”, said Managing Director of Namibia Dairies, Gunther Ling at the handing over of the milk which took place at the Moses Garoëb Project School.

Ling also made use of the opportunity to educate the grade 1 learners that attended the hand-over ceremony on the importance of milk and where it comes from. While he engaged the learners during this educational session, the message of the important minerals and nutritional components within milk was strongly highlighted. He was supported and joined by the Namibia Dairies’ leadership team who assisted in sharing a glass of milk with the children present.

Inspector at the Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture, Paulus Lewin represented the ministry and applauded the O&L Group on its commitment to education and the future generation of the country. Lewin: “We do not attach enough value to the relationship with the O&L Group. This is a relationship that should be cherished. This is bigger than just the donation of milk. This is commitment, dedication, love and passion. It is not just about milk, but about the principle of giving. O&L is not waiting for a better economic climate. This is the right time to give – a time that tests true ‘Namibianism’. Investment in education will always produce dividends, and ploughing back into the community is what makes any business successful. Thank you O&L, and Namibia Dairies in particular, for once again brightening up the day for our kiddies, the future of our nation.”

The principal of the Moses Garoëb Project School, Flora Petrus: “The support from the O&L Group is overwhelming and adds immeasurable value to the lives of our learners and teachers. Namibia Dairies in particular have supplied us with milk every year, ever since the group adopted the school and this is a day all the learners always look forward to. We are blessed and will forever be grateful to Namibia Dairies for what they mean to our school. Not only do they contribute to enriching the lives of our children that need all the support they can get, but for the past three years Namibia Dairies has contributed immensely to how the community at large perceives our school. I thank Namibia Dairies for the difference they are making in the wellbeing of our children.”

Principal of the Monte Christo Project School, Elizabeth Murangi says the O&L Group has brought hope and life to the school, and that Namibia Dairies just added even more to the hope that the group has invested in the school. Murangi: “Nothing we do or say in gratefulness will ever match up to the value the O&L Group has added to the Monte Christo School. We are truly grateful and will forever regard O&L and its staff as family.”

While World Milk Day is celebrated every year by at least 35 countries in the world on 1 June, the month of June is aligned as World Milk Month and this year celebrates 17 years of existence.

O&L Group Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya: “O&L’s objective with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/CSI) is to build and maintain long-term relationships in our CSI programme of which we have adopted the Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Project Schools in Havanna. Education which is a key focus for O&L, enhances a person’s ability to a brighter future. However we believe that to benefit from good education, it is important to ensure adequate wellbeing as this enhances the ability to learn.”
Published: 11 July 2017

NBL’s DRINKiQ Program reaches 5000

NBL’s DRINKiQ Program reaches 5000 To date, as recorded at the close of the 2017 financial year ended 30 June 2017, the DRINKiQ Training Program of Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – reached approximately 5000 Namibians. Designed to empower participants with knowledge on alcohol and the consumption thereof, the NBL DRINKiQ Program, according to the O&L Group Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya celebrates great success since its inception in 2009.

The latest session saw approximately 400 more Namibians participate about 3 weeks ago in the North including Oshakati and Ongwediva. Participants included members of the Namibian Police Force (NAMPOL); the Correctional facilities, and internal O&L stakeholders including Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia; Namibia Dairies (ND), and NBL in Oshakati and Ondangwa who were empowered with knowledge on alcohol consumption, as well as the physical, emotional and psychological repercussions of excessive use. Participants walk away with a better understanding of the short- and long-term effects of alcohol abuse, which thus empowers them to make smart decisions when it comes to the use of alcohol.

Mwiya: “NBL, and O&L at large remains cognizant of its role and responsibility in society as leader in the alcohol and beverage fraternity. The DRINKiQ Program forms part of NBL’s initiatives and ongoing efforts in supporting government’s fight against alcohol abuse and the societal repercussions thereof. This powerful program enriches participants’ knowledge on the mental, psychological and physical risks involved when abusing alcohol, and provides them with the necessary IQ to understand the repercussions of alcohol abuse.” Mwiya further said that the DRINKiQ Program is not only for employees of NBL and the O&L Group, but is open to the general public who wishes to enrich their knowledge on the use of alcohol and how to consume it on a more responsible level.

Senior Superintendent at the Oluno Correctional Facility in Ondangwa, Charles Matengu who participated in the last session says the program holds great value and is confident that it has planted fruitful seeds in the minds of all participants. Matengu: “I hope NBL will return to the north with more sessions because I see it necessary for more people to undergo this training. It is very educating, insightful and more than welcome!”

Constable Hoster Kaine from the Crime Prevention Unit at NAMPOL Ongwediva reckons more stakeholders should get involved in the program in order to reach even more Namibians. Kaine: “The information and knowledge the DRINKIQ Training Program shares, has instantly caused for a shift in my mindset and the way I think about alcohol. I took what I have learned to my friends and our discussions on the topic has seen for quite an impressive change in behavior towards the consumption of alcohol. This program needs to reach all corners of Namibia. It is very useful and has the potential to change the country’s behavior towards alcohol consumption.”

Mwiya emphasized that the DRINKiQ Training Program also addresses behavioral change which is critical when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Mwiya: “When we change our behavior towards alcohol and how we consume it, it is already a great start to curbing societal concerns. When people are aware of the repercussions of alcohol abuse, and how the consumption of alcohol affects you physically, emotionally and psychologically, that knowledge tends to influence the decisions they make, especially in terms of the quantitative consumption of alcohol. The objectives of this program speaks directly to the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians.”
Published: 06 July 2017

Collection points officially available for used household batteries

Collection points officially available for used household batteries

In its mission to not only identify, but also find solutions for the three R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) in Partnership with Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group –; VARTA Consumer Batteries Namibia, and the City of Windhoek last week officially launched a platform for Windhoek residents for the safe disposal of household batteries through the provision of permanent collection points.

RNF Coordinator, Anita Witt: “During the past year, it has become evident that residents of Windhoek are aware that disposing of batteries via normal household refuse could be damaging to the environment, but that no other solution or option was available on where to take these items for safe disposal. The RNF and the City of Windhoek earlier this year had a trial run at a local green market day which saw large volumes of batteries delivered at the event. This indicated that there is a need for consumers to safely dispose of these items at designated points. Given the number of enquiries, as well as the tremendous support during our first collection earlier this year, it was clear that the residents of Windhoek are keen to do the right thing. The RNF was thus instrumental in meeting the need of Windhoek residents by ensuring that systems are put in place for batteries to be safely disposed of via these clearly marked collection bins. It is not only creating the awareness of the 3 R’s that is important, but also for the RNF to seek ways to encourage minimizing waste sent to landfills and dumpsites, but also to find solutions for problem items, such as batteries in this instance.”

Witt further said that the market leader of household consumer batteries, VARTA Namibia, which is also an RNF member, immediately agreed to join the initiative by setting up the first collection points in Windhoek, with the commitment from the City of Windhoek’s Waste Management Division to ensure that the batteries are safely disposed of at the hazardous waste site at Kupferberg landfill.

According to Harald Bartsch from Vision Sales and Marketing, the distributors for VARTA Consumer Batteries in Namibia, by supporting this project, VARTA Namibia has taken the lead to actively support the growing movement of Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) - where producers assume responsibility for the correct treatment of disposal of post-consumer products. EPR ensures that producers are given a significant responsibility – financial and/or physical – for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products. Bartsch: “We decided to actively get involved in the safe disposal of household batteries, and will be the first consumer battery company in Namibia to launch a campaign like this in partnership with the RNF and PnP. As a leading battery manufacturer we would like to give back to our community and to ensure we fulfil our part in protecting the environment”.

Tunda Tjaverua, the Solid Waste Management Officer of City of Windhoek and coordinator of the campaign, says this project is critical in the sense that batteries contain elements which are harmful to the environment. Tjaverua: “This project will make it possible for the safe disposal of batteries in an environmentally friendly way. In short certain type of batteries contain harmful chemicals which can cause soil and water pollution and endanger human and wildlife. For example, cadmium which can still be found in a few battery types can cause damage to soil micro-organisms and affect the breakdown of organic matter. It can also bio-accumulate in fish, which reduces their numbers and makes them unfit for human consumption.”

O&L Environmental Manager, who is also the chairperson of the RNF, Gloudi de Beer calls on the public for cooperation and support in making a success of this initiative. De Beer: “This is another opportunity for us to contribute to creating a safe environment, and sustaining our environment not only for ourselves but also for future generations. It is critical that we all support initiatives such as this, for the health and safety of us all and the future of this country. If we do not participate and support, this will not work.”

PnP Marketing Manager, Victoria Moller says as a leading retailer, PnP fully supports this project. Moller: “We are excited to be a part of this, and cannot emphasize enough how important initiatives like these are in our society. The future of our environment, and the safety thereof is our responsibility. If we do not do what is necessary to keep it clean, safe and healthy, who will? I also want to commend the RNF for its efforts in contributing to the future of our environment. With bodies such as the RNF, there is hope. But if we do not support them, their existence is void.”

Collection points are available at PnP Auas Valley, PnP Eros and PnP Megacentre.

Published: 05 July 2017

2017 The Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic officially launched

2017 The Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic officially launched One of the most anticipated annual cycling events on the Namibian sports calendar, The Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic – was officially launched on Tuesday, 4 July 2017 at a special luncheon hosted by the Rotary Club Windhoek (RCW), the main organizers of the event. The main sponsors for the charity fund-raising event which takes place for the 19th consecutive year on the 14th and 15th of October 2017 are Pick n Pay Namibia - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – and The Namibian newspaper.

PnP Namibia this year increased its cash contribution to N$200,000 from last year’s N$150, 000. PnP Brand Manager, Dandago Uiras: “I commend the Rotary Club Windhoek (RCW) on the humble and noble work that you do with so much passion in the communities – we are proud to be associated with an organization that truly makes a difference in our communities. PnP Namibia cherishes its association with the RCW. Our long and fruitful relationship with the club spans over more than a decade and ties in with Pick n Pay’s commitment to uplifting the lives of the communities in which we operate. This speaks directly to the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians – a purpose we at Pick n Pay are very passionate about.”

O&L Group Corporate Communications Manager, Roux-che Locke who was also present at the launch emphasized the group’s commitment to contributing to enhancing the lives of the communities in which it operates. Locke: “O&L is passionate about enhancing the lives of our communities in which we operate and therefore we remain committed to the ideals and goals of Vision 2030 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan by stretching government’s hand in its effort to eradicate poverty.”

According to Uiras, PnP will also support the participation of Dagbreek School – a facility that caters for the physically and intellectually challenged – at the Cycle Classic. Uiras: “While we encourage our staff to support the Cycle Classic by volunteering their time to assist with co-organizing the event, I am pleased to advise that PnP will once again avail all of our 22 branches countrywide to help the organizing team with the marketing and promotion of this year’s edition of the event. We are certainly very proud of the long association with the Rotary Club Windhoek and look forward to continue to take this relationship from strength to strength.”

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – another subsidiary of the O&L Group - is also a proud sponsor of The Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic. NBL stepped on board in 2015 and continues its journey with a sponsorship totaling over N$100,000 – in kind and logistical support.

Acting Editor of The Namibian Newspaper, Christof Maletzky: “I cannot quantify what our total contribution is, because it includes editorials and free advertising, as well as our sponsorship of the Women’s Cycling Club in Katutura. But we are here for the long run and we are confident that the Cycle Classic will continue to grow in future."

According to the President of the RCW, Heide Beinhauer, sponsorship to the event is expected to increase from N$118,000 in 2011 to more than N$330,000 this year. Beinhauer: “Many projects will benefit from this fundraising, including developing the sport of cycling, and sponsoring Namibian cyclists to participate in international events.” According Beinhauer, this year’s event will for the first time also include a 5km fun walk or run, and a 10km run.

Danny Meyer from the RCW, and convener of the event says numerous projects have been supported in Namibia through funds raised by The Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic. One of those projects was the distribution of English dictionaries to numerous schools throughout Namibia. The Okondjatu Combined School in the Okakarara constituency is one of the beneficiaries of this specific project. This school, according to the principal, Dixon Tjirimuje has seen an increased Grade 10 pass rate from 40% to 60% ever since. The RCW also supported the education fund of SINASRA (Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance), which helps its students complete school and attend tertiary institutions.

Race organizers of the event, Windhoek Pedal Power (WPP), according to Pierre du Plooy from WPP donated funds raised from the event to the Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF) for developmental purposes.

Radio Kosmos stays on board as Media partner.

For more information, visit The Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic Facebook page, or the Windhoek Pedal Power website for entries.
Published: 03 July 2017

O&L creates a staggering 1,100 jobs through Wernhil Park Phase 4!

O&L creates a staggering 1,100 jobs through Wernhil Park Phase 4! Broll Namibia – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - on Monday, 03 July 2017 officially launched the construction of the much anticipated 4th Phase of Wernhil Park Shopping Centre, by means of a groundbreaking ceremony officiated by the Minister of Urban & Rural Development, Hon. Sophia Shaningwa and the Mayor of the City of Windhoek, His Worship, Cllr. Muesee Kazapua.

Expected to be fully completed by mid-2019, the construction of the new phase will, according to Managing Director of Broll Namibia, Marco Wenk ensure Wernhil Park will exceed 55,000m2 of prime retail, allowing it to compete head on with other regional malls located in Windhoek’s ever expanding retail landscape. At a cost of over N$450 Million, Wernhil Park Phase 4 will be developed in two sections. Section one will entail the conversion of the current upper parking deck located on the southern side of Wernhil Park, into prime retail shops, and is expected to be complete and open for trade by the 1st of June 2018. According to Wenk, section two will entail the bulk of the development (consisting of retail, parking and an additional taxi rank facility) on the current Cashbuild and Fruit & Veg site as well as the bridge link to be constructed over Fidel Castro Street, connecting Sections 1 and 2. Wenk: “Wernhil Park has for many years been a crucial catalyst for Windhoek’s Central Business District (CBD) growth, and today, regardless of the retail expansion in Windhoek over the past 3-5 years, still stands as one of the preferred shopping destinations for many Namibians. Over the years, Wernhil Park has seen several stages of growth which includes three phases having been added to the original mall since 2005. This falls in line with Broll Namibia’s commitment to enhancing the shopping experience and keeping the experience on par with international standards.”

During his address, O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme called on all partners to join hands in creating a sustainable economic future for Namibia. Thieme: “Like everybody here today, I am extremely passionate about our beautiful country and her people, and hence I am optimistic that our economy will recover. Therefore, let’s all take hands to face and address the challenges head-on so that we enhance the business environment to become internationally competitive to attract investment in value addition. It is only through local value adding that we will reduce unemployment sustainably and stimulate economic growth. It is developments and accomplishments such as these, that fills me with a sense of pride, reassurance and confidence that we are on the right track and very well on our way to achieve the ideals and goals of Vision 2030 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan. And I can assure you that in staying true, disciplined and dedicated to the O&L Group’s values, we remain committed to the future of our country.” He went on to state that besides the N$ half-a-billion investment, it is really the 1,100 employment opportunities that Wernhil Phase 4 will bring, that is exciting and inspiring.

Cllr. Kazapua during his statement said that Windhoek’s surroundings CBD in particular is on a revival mission with key existing and upcoming developments and refurbishments taking centre stage. Kazapua: “We have seen the B1 City opposite Katutura Hospital come to fruition; the extension of the Western Bypass, and the B1 road between Windhoek and Okahandja is progressing at a rapid rate.

Developments within the CBD include the multi-million dollar phased refurbishment of the Gustav Voigts Shopping Centre; the Hilton Garden Inn; the mixed-use 77-On-Independence (majority owned by O&L); the FNB Head Office; and the City Junction at the corner of John Meinert and Mandume Ndemufayo Streets, just to mention but a few. These mixed developments have certainly face-lifted our CBD area and is a clear testimony that our business community is positively responding to the City’s call to revitalize the CBD. Today marks another significant milestone not only in the history of Namibia’s first mall, but also our CBD. As we break ground for construction of Wernhil Park Phase 4 today, I am reminded of the continued confidence of the business community to invest in the Windhoek economy. Allow me therefore, to extend on behalf of the City of Windhoek, my sincere gratitude and admiration to the O&L Group under the vested leadership of Mr. Sven Thieme and his ever dynamic team, for believing in us and cultivating a strong and trusted relationship and partnership with the City of Windhoek.”

Hon. Shaningwa during her keynote address emphasized the value that Partnerships play in the future of Namibia. Shaningwa: “We need to adopt a culture of camaraderie that enables levels of affinity and cooperation amongst Public Private Partnerships to take the Namibian House to heights unimaginable. We need to grow to become partners - supportive of each other’s endeavors to grow and develop Namibia, with honesty and integrity. We need to take hands not only during difficult times but more so when celebrating our successes. Developments such as the one we are supporting today, needs the commitment from relevant role-players, not only within the O&L Group, but on a larger scale inclusive of government support, local authorities, the construction sector, and the Namibian public at large. It warms my heart when I see how our own people and the business community make an effort to contribute to Namibia’s Vision 2030 and prospects of being a solid developing nation.”

Shaningwa went on to say that infrastructural development plays a significant role in growing the local economy. Shaningwa: “When I look at the effort made by some of our local leading players in the private sector, I cannot help but sing praises to those who grasp the reality that government alone cannot achieve Vision 2030, the National Development Plan, or the President’s Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), but that the input from the private sector and the nation at large plays such an important role in the success of the future of our country. It makes me happy when I see Namibians stand ready to, and are prepared and willing to do whatever they can to contribute to a meaningful future.” She further commended the O&L Group for its continuous efforts, and commitment to the growth of Namibia. Shaningwa: “Being a player in so many sectors in the country, which includes property development, the fishing industry, retail and hospitality among others, the O&L Group has over the years, and still continue to significantly contribute to the growth of the Namibian economy. The significant investment of N$ half-a-billion in the development of Wernhil Park Phase 4 that will create an additional 1,100 job opportunities during and after construction, is testimony of your support and commitment to achieve the ideals and objectives of the Namibian House.”

Thieme quoted renowned Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King Jr.: “I too have a dream … and that dream is to passionately live and fulfill the O&L purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life” which very well supports my personal purpose of giving life to people. It is quite simple: if we don’t dream, we risk losing opportunities like these that could change our future forever.”