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Published: 12 December 2018

O&L Group Christmas initiative reaches more than 1400 OVCs countrywide

O&L Group Christmas initiative reaches more than 1400 OVS countrywide 2018 ends on a sparkling note for more than 1400 Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) spoiled to an early Christmas treat through annual initiatives by the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group and its subsidiaries.

The annual O&L Group Christmas party for OVC’s saw at least 380 children (Windhoek: 220, and coast: 160) spoiled with a day full of fun, games, goodies and gifts to sparkle up their Christmas. The Windhoek initiative celebrated its 14th, while the coast its 10th anniversary in 2018. Tanja Payne from O&L subsidiary, Hangana Seafood in Walvis Bay who also heads the organizing of the coastal OVC party that took place on 28 November this year, says the event has grown to be loved and adored, and appreciated by the entire coastal town of Walvis Bay, which has brought significant external sponsors on board to contribute to the success. Such sponsors include Omega Security, Afrox, The FunShop, Party Kids, Sanitec, Chip & Dip, Jolly Lolly, Tiny Cooks Walvis Bay, Marlene & Monja, Walvis Bay Fire Brigade, SPUR Walvis Bay, Mpact and Namventures. Payne: “The entire O&L Group and subsidiaries always stand ready and contribute immeasurably to this exciting and very meaningful event on our calendar. I am always impressed and appreciative of the support from our own people, but am also extremely grateful for the external support that simply adds great value to this special occasion.” O&L Group CSI Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya says for both OVC parties, the entire O&L Group contributes to the success thereof. Mwiya: “It is a group effort – something all O&L Ambassadors are extremely passionate about.”

The annual O&L Shoebox project reached close to 1080 children across the country this year, from Genade Kinderbewaarhuis, Dolam Children’s House, Dordabis Pre-Primary and Side by Side Early Intervention Centre in Windhoek; Walvis Bay Kids Haven and Sunshine & JJ's Care Centres in Walvis Bay; Oosterheim Laerskool in Aroab; AA Denk Memorial School in Kalkrand; Hope Children’s Centre (Tsumeb), Tears of Hope (Swakopmund), Sonop Primary School (Mariental), and Mainstream Foundation (Zambezi). The shoeboxes were filled with basic necessities such as a facecloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and other goodies as well as an extra something-special to sparkle up their Christmas. Mwiya: “Both the O&L OVC Christmas parties and the Shoebox project are part of our highlights for the year and remains the most loved events for our O&L Group employees.” The O&L Group also supported the Oonte OVC Organisation with N$20,000 to host a Christmas party for more than 600 children in Ondangwa.
Published: 07 December 2018

Think Twice…Save a Life!

Think Twice…Save a Life! With the festive season proven as a peak period for road accidents and fatalities on Namibian roads, Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group and member of the Private Road Safety Forum (PRSF) – has re-affirmed its commitment to the national road safety campaign for the 2018 December holidays.

As an advocate of responsible alcohol consumption, and as a supporter of the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ campaign for many years, to promote safer and accident free roads in Namibia, NBL has once again provided the Namibia Police (NAMPOL) with breathalysers valued at N$150,000 and 300 cases of soft drinks to the value of N$50,000 for the officers that will parole road blocks during the festive season. NBL also sponsored N$10,000 to the West Coast Safety Initiative and N$125,000 to the Namibia Media Holdings (NMH) 60 Day National Road Safety Campaign. NBL Managing Director, Wessie van der Westhuizen: “We lose too many lives on our roads because of the decisions and choices we make when under the influence of alcohol. Our recently launched campaign stresses on the thinking patterns that contribute significantly to the results of our irresponsible actions. ‘I am not drunk, I only had a couple’ and ‘there aren’t any roadblocks tonight’ – these are but some of the detrimental thoughts that lead to decisions that unfortunately are great contributors to the road accident- and fatality status of our country. If we think twice about the decisions we make when under the influence of alcohol, we can save lives. NBL is and will always be pleased to be associated with such a worthy cause and effort because it supports our Group purpose, ‘Creating a future, enhance life’.”
The total sponsorship of NBL towards road safety initiatives during the festive season amounts to N$335,000 and will be effectively spread in usage to Khomas, Erongo and Otjizondjupa road blocks.

NAMPOL Deputy Commissioner, Amalia Gawanas – Head of the Traffic Law Enforcement Division: “The number of road accidents and fatalities on Namibian roads remain a serious concern. Most of these crashes are caused by human error – negligence, destructive driving, speeding, overloading, red light ignorance, teenage drivers, driving under the influence of alcohol & drugs, vehicles not being road-worthy, etc. NBL’s commitment and sponsorship goes a long way in the role the road blocks play on our national roads during the festive season. This sponsorship from NBL will equip traffic officers to curb alcohol related matters – as breathalysers are of our greatest need in this fight at the moment. We truly appreciate NBL’s continued support, and we will do our utmost best to use this donation to the best of our ability. We are ready to run this race, and we will do all we can to contribute to reducing crashes on our roads.”

Van der Westhuizen calls on all Namibian motorists to play their part and respect each other on the road - in curbing the high number of road accidents and fatalities. Van der Westhuizen: “Let us be the responsible citizen - think twice, to save lives on our roads.”

Emergency numbers provided by the MVA Fund are 081 96 82 (Accident response Number), and 061 22 28 88 (Traffic Report Number).

Download PDF Document: Think Twice…Save a Life!
Published: 06 December 2018

O&L leadership serves beyond

O&L leadership serves beyond As the largest private employer in Namibia, with a purpose of a better future for all Namibians, the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group leadership and employees in its entirety never stands back at the opportunity to serve outside of the group. The Group celebrates recent appointments of leadership to serve on external boards.

Such appointments include Namibia Dairies (ND) Head of Marketing, Leonie Prinsloo who has been elected and appointed as Vice-Chairperson of the Namibia Manufacturers Association (NMA). O&L Group Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme: “Leonie’s leadership at this entity is of great significance as this body facilitates a sustainable, competitive and prosperous manufacturing industry for all stakeholders whilst representing and promoting local manufacturers’ products as well as addressing the current challenges Namibian manufacturers are facing every day such as availability of water; cost of utilities; work permits; local procurement, to name but a few.”

Further external appointments include Patricia Hoeksema, O&L Group Corporate Relations Manager and Victoria Moller, Pick n Pay (PnP) Marketing Manager – both were elected at the Team Namibia Annual General Meeting as members to the Board of Directors. Team Namibia’s ultimate mission is to facilitate the increased consumption of Namibian products and services locally and abroad by inspiring competitive standards, stimulating consumer confidence and impacting economic sustainability. Hoeksema: “Like most Namibians, I am passionate about our country, and in particular our people, and believe that we can all make a contribution towards creating a better future for everyone in our beloved country by at least supporting our own businesses, procuring local, and supporting Growth-at-home. It also speaks directly to the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’, and I look forward to contributing to inspire support of local produce, and embracing Namibian pride.”

Shane Johr, O&L Group Manager: Employee Relations, has been selected to serve on the Namibian Employer’s Federation’s (NEF) Labour Law Committee (LLC), consisting of 10 labour experts. During his three-year term, Shane will assist the Labour Law Committee to continuously review Labour Legislation and advise the NEF. The LLC also reviews and prepares position papers on behalf of the NEF. Johr: “Namibia's labour market is vulnerable. Unemployment is currently a great concern. It is necessary to distinguish between different forms of unemployment in order to understand the reason for unemployment; this is what I question at the moment, and it will be one of the priorities I wish to attend to whilst serving on this platform. This journey will create a platform for me to learn from others and give me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with them, so that we can all make a difference together.”

Thieme concluded: “We live in a world of endless opportunities where everyone has the potential to make a meaningful contribution. Irrespective of our past, we all have the power to create a different future. I am extremely proud of these O&L Ambassadors for the role they play in society, for a better future for our country. With the leadership skills and abilities that my colleagues have shown in their respective operations and the group at large, I have no doubt that they will be an absolute success in playing their part on these boards and will continue applying breakthrough thinking to contribute to making a difference in our country.”
Download PDF Document: O&L leadership serves beyond
Published: 05 December 2018

NBL’s DRINKiQ program reaches the masses

NBL’s DRINKiQ program reaches the masses To date, the DRINKiQ Training Program of Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – reached over 6500 Namibians. Designed to empower participants with knowledge on alcohol and the consumption thereof, the NBL DRINKiQ Program, according to the O&L Group Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya celebrates great success since its inception in 2009.

The latest session saw 429 more Namibians from the QKR Navachab Gold Mine undergo the training of DRINKiQ from 12 to 16 November in Karibib. Mwiya, driver of NBL’s DRINKiQ program says the tool encourage responsible drinking, behavior, and a healthy attitude when consuming alcohol. Participants are equipped with a better understanding of the short- and long-term effects of alcohol abuse, which thus empowers them to make smart decisions when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Elizabeth Farmer, QKR Navachab Gold Mine: “I have no doubt that this program has already made an impact on the mindsets of everyone that has undergone the training. I am hopeful that after these sessions, we will see a reduction in the positive test at the entrance gate, and I believe we have equipped our employees with a tool to make an informed decision. We promise to continuously raise awareness about drinking responsibly and to conduct an evaluation session early in the New Year. My highlights of the sessions include ‘Behavior change on a big night out’ - most employees enjoyed this section of the training and many could recognize their behavior. I also thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Unit Standard’ chapter, as well as the chapter that focused on the time aspect for the body to process the alcohol. The formula on how to calculate a standard unit, and the impact of alcohol at the workplace, personal life and the community were very relevant and impactful topics.”

Mwiya emphasized that the DRINKiQ Training Program also addresses behavioral change which is critical when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Mwiya: “When we change our behavior towards alcohol and how we consume it, it is already a great start to curbing societal concerns which supports the O&L Group purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians.”
Published: 04 December 2018

Successful clean-up campaigns for 2018

Successful clean-up campaigns for 2018 The annual Fish River Canyon clean-up campaign, as well as the Ondangwa clean-up campaign just came to an end, and proved another successful endeavor. Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group was once again one of the main sponsors in making these activities a reality.

Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) Warden - Ai-Ais Park, Southern Region: Boly Shetukana: “The annual Fish River Canyon hiking season is a very popular activity, and attracts thousands of people from all across the globe. Unfortunately, at the end of the hiking season the Canyon is littered with garbage left behind by the hikers. As a result, the annual Fish River Canyon clean-up campaign was brought to life.” Initiated by stakeholders in Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park (ARTP), including the MET; Gondwana Nature Reserve, and the Namibia Wildlife Resort (NWR), NBL is proud to be associated with this annual activity as one of the main sponsors alongside the NWR. The 5-day clean-up campaign was once again a huge success according to O&L Group CSI Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya: “NBL and NWR Gondwana, together with the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF), once again ensured that everything is in place for the success of the campaign. This included first aid kits, meat, assorted drinks, t-shirts, hats & water bottles, transport, heavy-duty refuse bags, lunch & breakfast as well as accommodation for the volunteers.”

According to Shetukana, as per the norm, the volunteers were divided into groups (20km groups, and 60km groups) that entered the Canyon at different days. All groups exited the Canyon on the 27th of October. Shetukana: “The total amount of waste collected was approximately 127 kg which included bottles, tins, plastic, shoes, and clothes. However, the most collected waste was used toilet paper. The loads of waste was carried out by hands until the exit point at Ai-Ais where everything was weighed, separated and taken to the recycle plant. There were no recordings of incidents, injuries or fatalities during the 2018 Fish River Canyon clean-up campaign which contributed significantly to the success – apart from the temperatures during the cleanup that peaked above 45 degrees. The amount of litter collected this year was an increase from last year’s 82.5 kg.”

The 9th of November 2018 also saw the cleanup of Ondangwa, conducted by the Ondangwa Town Council on an annual basis, under the theme “Keep Ondangwa Clean”. According to the Cleansing Officer - Environmental, Health & Safety Department at the Ondangwa Town Council, Loide Shiimi, the objective of this year’s campaign was to keep Ondangwa clean; to create awareness among residents on the importance of a healthy environment, and to promote ‘Reuse, Reduce and Recycle’ (3R’s) of waste materials. Shiimi: “In order to achieve the objectives, we have engaged the whole community of Ondangwa in this exercise, such as formal and informal settlements, institutions, schools, businesses, and churches, among others.”

The 5 day cleaning started on Monday, 05th November 2018 and ended Friday, 09th November. Participants included volunteers from the Namibia Defence Force (NDF), Namibia Police (NAMPOL), Ruben Danger Ashipala Police Training Centre, COSDEC, Oluno Correctional Services (Prison), Kayec Trust, Ministry of Works & Transport (Department of Work), Ministry of Works & Transport (Department of Government Garage), Ministry of Agriculture (Veterinary), Oshikoto Regional Education, and Bank Windhoek.

At the same time participants were in the running for winning some vouchers for their efforts. The “cleaning competition” was divided into five (5) categories; Institutions, Informal Settlements, Cleanest School, Cleanest Bar and School Competition projects. On the category of institutions, COSDEC ended as overall winner for being assessed the cleanest; Oluno Correctional Services ended in second place, and NAMPOL and Ruben Danger Ashipala Police Training Centre obtained third position. The winning vouchers (Pick n Pay shopping vouchers) valued at N$20,000 were sponsored by the O&L Group.

In conclusion Mwiya encouraged every Namibian to contribute to a clean Namibia this festive season, by refraining from littering, and keeping surrounding areas clean.