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Published: 28 August 2017

O&L Celebrates outstanding employees

O&L Celebrates outstanding employees The 13th Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group Annual Value Star Award ceremony that celebrates employees’ contribution to the O&L purpose and values was held recently at the Windhoek Country Club Resort & Casino, and will once again see the overall winners embark on an all-expenses-paid edutain trip later this year.

The 2017 Value Star Award ceremony (celebrating outstanding employees over the period July 2016 to June 2017) saw individuals from the various operating companies under the O&L Group being rewarded for their hard work, commitment and efforts to their respective operating companies within the Group.

The overall winners of the O&L 2017 Value Star Awards are: Herman Katjinaani (Broll Namibia); Warren de Jager (Dimension Data); Francois De Wit (Hangana Seafood); Landine “Blondie” Ikorua (Kraatz Marine); Vekondja Uamburu (NBL); Morne Reinhardt (Namibia Dairies); Dina Petrus (O&L Centre); Bernard Sibuku (O&L Leisure);
Riaan Steenkamp (Pick ‘n Pay).

Herman Katjinaani: “As a proud O&L ambassador, I am very humbled and grateful at this wonderful recognition that has been bestowed upon me. O&L is definitely a great place to work for and this just further inspires me to contribute to our purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life” and make a difference in not only the lives of my family but my community and country as a whole. I am excited to join the rest of my fellow value stars on this once-in-a-lifetime trip! Certainly this doesn’t happen every day, and it is only companies like O&L who through its great leadership, values and appreciates its employees. Thank you O&L!”

Dina Petrus was clearly one of the most surprised when her name was called as the overall winner for O&L Centre. Petrus: “I know it sounds cliché when someone says that they didn’t expect to win, but I was really shocked when I was announced as the overall Value Star winner for O&L Center. I was overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions but definitely appreciation was one of them. This is really an amazing feeling and achievement for me. I am honored to be working for a company that appreciates, values and takes care of its people, therefore truly living by its purpose of Creating a Future and Enhancing Life.”

Speaking at the Value Star Awards ceremony, O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme stated that customer service; the right product at the right time; consistent delivery; open, honest and transparent business dealings; adapting to changing times, and happy, dedicated and engaged employees are some of the factors that contribute towards the success of a company. Thieme: “We know that the relationship between employer and employee has changed dramatically over the years – from a sort of slavery mentality 100 years ago to today where employees are actively involved in the running of companies. Employees have a say and are encouraged to give their insight and input while being recognized and rewarded for taking that extra step on a consistent basis.”

The O&L Values, according to Thieme is the backbone, driving force and huge contributor to the culture of honesty, integrity and transparency within the group. Thieme: “It is very important for us to be aware of the changes driven by technological advances and to adapt to them to survive in an ever-changing world, while at the same time keeping our employees happy, healthy, fulfilled and educated. I am confident in saying that O&L has thus far been doing a fairly good job of keeping up with trends and listening and learning from employees. The exciting aspect about all the above is that our employees and indeed our Value Stars are part and parcel of driving and experiencing these dramatic changes.”

Overall winners of this year’s Value Star Awards will enjoy a complimentary “edutain” (a combination of an education and entertainment) adventure holiday to the Botswana capital, Gaborone and the majestic Chobe Water Villas – part of the O&L leisure portfolio - at the Eastern Caprivi Strip from 01 to 06 October 2017.
Published: 24 August 2017

NBL launches ‘new look’ for Camelthorn

NBL launches ‘new look’ for Camelthorn Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group – officially launched the new look of its craft beer, Camelthorn, this week.

NBL Senior Brand Manager: Premium Portfolio, Claudia Opperman: “With the growth of the craft beer segment in South Africa and Namibia we identified Camelthorn as a unique opportunity to be part of this exciting category. More importantly, we felt that we have the credentials to participate in the craft beer segment based on numerous factors which includes: NBL’s background of brewing authenticity and love for real beer; positive consumer perceptions around our brewing ethos and history of great quality pure beer; our ability to brew small batch craft liquids, and the opportunity granted to us to build on the Camelthorn story that began in 2008. Camelthorn also provides NBL brewers with the opportunity to express their creative sides, through experimenting and bringing to life new exciting liquid innovations. These reasons, we believe, give NBL the credibility to authentically play in this space.”

Craft brewing in Namibia, started way back in 2008 when Jörg Finkeldey, the then CEO of Camelthorn Brewing Company started the company together with Kleopas Asino, the production assistant at this small premium brewer in Windhoek. Camelthorn Brewing Company was the first independent craft brewery in Namibia. According to Opperman, the brand, unfortunately, struggled due to the small market in the country. Initially the company started by brewing five types of beer, but eventually had to scale it down, due to the market challenges. Opperman: “Although the Camelthorn Brewing Company produced world class beer strictly according to the traditional German and International brewing style, the consumer market was not big enough in Namibia at the time, and unfortunately the brand struggled, which led to the brand and trademarks having been put up for sale.
With NBL’s passion for brewing and for beer, and as a force for good, NBL completely took over Camelthorn Brewing Company and its assets in March 2014.

Managing Director for NBL South Africa, John Fitzgerald, who was also at the launch of the new look describes Camelthorn – ‘a really Namibia Craft beer’ - as an authentic experience that will appeal to the down-to-earth beer consumer, who is looking for interesting choices amongst a variety beer styles and taste profiles. Fitzgerald: “Camelthorn is a quirky, weathered, crafted beer brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously and as a result is naturally cool, authentic and unpretentious.
Camelthorn will initially be available in two liquids, a Helles Crafted Lager that has been expertly brewed with the finest Saphir Hops for a fruity, spicy, refreshing and easy-drinking taste and a filtered Weiss, which is brewed with Lemon drop hops to deliver a beer with low bitterness and refreshing herbal citrus notes.”

According to Opperman, Camelthorn is mainly available at local pubs, restaurants, hotels and events, as well as at clubs and selected shebeens in Katutura. Opperman: “We identified the need for a new look for this special beer, as NBL’s way of celebrating Camelthorn’s survival through challenging times, whilst remaining one of the preferred craft beers in Namibia and South Africa.”
Published: 21 August 2017

From grocery packer to Regional manager

From grocery packer to Regional manager Regional Manager for Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group -, Angelo Morkel is not only on his way to celebrating his 20th anniversary in 2018 as part of the PnP team, but boasts with a significant level of growth over the past 19 years.

“I started my journey as a casual grocery bag packer straight after school in 1995 at the then Model Woolworths, and was appointed permanently on 14 April in 1998 – one year after the retailer was renamed ‘Model Pick n Pay’. I can clearly remember how particular my supervisor, Monica Philander was about packing grocery bags, and how I was always so focused on doing it the way she taught me. As simple as the job may seem, it was a challenge, because I was so used to packing everything together in my personal capacity - things like not packing meat together with toiletries in one bag is a very strict rule, on which no mistakes were allowed by Philander, nor accepted by the customer. Focus and precision was thus crucial when doing my job.”

During his journey as packer, Morkel was also exposed to shelf packing and floor supervising, and on permanent appointment, was promoted to floor supervisor at PnP Walvis Bay, and enrolled to the internal three-year Trainee Manager Programme, which led to his promotion to Assistant Store Manager at the Swakopmund branch in 2001. Morkel: “I was extremely excited about the trainee program and regarded this as my opportunity to prove myself. Going forward my progress always came as a surprise to me, because I did not expect it to happen at such speed. Although I was always focused on doing well and standing out in whatever I do, the pace of my growth and development had me in awe every time. During my journey I also became involved in store layouts and was proudly involved in the layouts of the Katima Mulilo, Ondangwa, Oshikango, Tsumeb, Auas Valley, Eros and Khomasdal stores.”

In 2003 Morkel was promoted to Store Controller of the Khomasdal PnP Store, which he held for six months before he saw his next promotion to non-foods specialist at the same branch. He returned to the Swakopmund branch in 2005 when he was promoted to Store Manager and served in this position for four years. The journey of growth continued for Morkel when he was transferred to the Wernhil Park store as Inventory/Warehouse Manager in 2008 - a position he served in for one year before his next move to Assistant Store Manager at the Auas Valley store in 2009 – and eventually, in 2010 promoted to Store Manager of the same store. Today Morkel occupies the position of Regional Manager at the Wernhil store –effective from the 1st of July 2017. While his current duties entail supporting and managing all the managers of the Wernhil store, he is also a support system and mentor to store managers of other PnP branches in Windhoek.

PnP Manager: Human Capital, Adri Erwee: “Angelo’s dedication towards his work and his incredible belief in the company’s purpose has brought him the success he has achieved until now. He is determined to be a success and shows great passion in his work.”

Managing Director (MD) of PnP Namibia, Norbert Wurm attributes Angelo’s journey as a true reflection of the O&L Group’s commitment to its common purpose. Wurm: “Pick n Pay is very passionate and committed to the O&L purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’. It is not only the O&L culture of leadership development that supports our commitment to the growth of all employees, but Angelo’s positive attitude, eagerness and personal drive to grow himself and lead others contributed immensely to this exemplary journey of his.”

PnP National Manager, Roelf van Tonder who has partly shared Morkel’s journey with him, says Morkel has always jumped at any opportunity provided, to grow and develop. Van Tonder: “Angelo is an inspiration and a true reflection of what it means to want to learn and grow, and because of this characteristic had his way paved open for him. I am sure it hasn’t always been easy for him, but this man has a sense of determination and a vision that sets him apart from many others.

O&L Group Director: Human Capital, Berthold Mukuahima says Angelo’s story directly speaks to the O&L value ‘We Grow People’ and how committed the group and its operating companies are to this value. Mukuahima: “Growth and development is a strong pillar and focus area of the O&L Group purpose ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ journey. It is stories like that of Angelo’s that inspires us, and gives us hope that we are on the right track of contributing to a great future for Namibia.”

Morkel attributes his growth to the opportunities made available to him. Morkel: “As much as I want to learn and grow, it would not be possible without a platform for growth and development. I am super grateful and blessed to be a part of the PnP team, and the O&L Group at large, for the simple fact that skill development and growth forms a significant part of the O&L culture, and without this environment, my growth would not have been possible. The secret is to have a positive mindset and outlook, and challenge yourself every day to be better than the day before; stay humble and be willing to learn as much as you can”
Published: 09 August 2017

Innovation can save the day

Innovation can save the day While the current economic climate – both globally and locally - is making its mark on national and international budgets, affecting both the business and individual pocket at a high low, innovation continues to be the order of the day for the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group regardless of the challenges it faces in these tough economic times.

The recent groundbreaking ceremony of the N$500 million fourth phase of Wernhil Park for which construction has just kicked-off, is testament to the group’s commitment and willingness to continue to invest in the Namibian economy, regardless. The O&L Group Director: Corporate Affairs, Gideon Shilongo stressed on innovation as a key player in the survival and growth of the Namibian economy in the midst of the current economic recession, during an interview on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) TV programs Good Morning Namibia and Business Today. While he uses the home-grown barley project brought to life by Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the O&L Group – in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry (MAWF), and government’s Agricultural Business Development Agency (AgriBusDev) about six years ago, as an example of the level of innovation, and as a reflection of the bold approach required to build the economy, the O&L Group has over the years proven its commitment to its vision of being the most progressive and inspiring company.

Shilongo: “The home-grown barley project is a perfect example of the level of breakthrough thinking and innovation required to carry Namibia through these challenging times and grow the economy to the next level. With employment creation being the main motivation behind the home-grown barley project, a rippling effect of more creations were born from this initiative.”

Alleviating poverty
The birth of King Lager for example, was never planned says Shilongo. However, this beer which is one of the latest additions to the NBL beer portfolio, and represents the Namibian ‘King’ – the man and woman who works hard every day to care for their communities and in turn build the nation -, was the result of an innovation which was initially born from an opportunity identified to create employment for Namibians. Shilongo: “As a breakthrough organization it is within the O&L culture to always seek ways to support the national fight against poverty by creating job opportunities. Our O&L purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’, is the driving force and motivation to always ask ourselves ‘How can we do more?’ Just like the fourth phase of Wernhil Park and all other developments within the group over the past few years, the home-grown barley project speaks to our commitment to supporting government’s Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), Growth at Home Strategy and Vision 2030. ‘As a business, how do we meet government halfway in its fight of alleviating poverty?’ is thus the question that comes to mind naturally on our pursuit to contributing to the growth of Namibia’s economy. Job creation is always an obvious answer, because through job creation you uplift the living conditions of those employed, thus contributing to poverty eradication, and in turn strengthens the local economy. It just makes sense.”

Private Public Partnership (PPP) Is Key
A key element to successfully building the economy and a nation is that of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) says Shilongo – an element without which the progression in the implementation of an initiative like the home-grown barley project would not have been possible. Eventually this partnership with the MAWF and AgriBusDev led to the study, test, research and identification of specific ‘green-scheme’ localities where barley is now being grown and harvested. Shilongo:” It wasn’t necessarily a smooth process to get where we are today with this specific project, but we definitely would not have reached our current successes without the partnership with government.”

The Dream
Eventually the home-grown barley project aims to grow 60 000 tons of un-malted barley annually through the establishment of a sustainable barley industry, within the next ten years. This capacity will provide not only for NBL’s annual requirements of 40 000 tons of malted barley to meet the needs of its current global demand, but will see for the creation of approximately 2500 new job opportunities. Meanwhile, the current 1300 tons harvested in Namibia needed something to be used for. NBL decided to innovate, and King Lager was born as the country’s first beer containing un-malted barley. For 2016 alone, O&L, in particular NBL has invested at least N$6.5 Million in the barley project, which currently makes use of 400 hectares of irrigated land made available in the AgriBusDev green scheme localities. To realize the dream of 60 000 tons and thousands of jobs, the project will need at least 12 000 hectares of irrigated land. However, this is a dream O&L is determined to achieve.

“Unemployment is a national issue that affects every Namibian, and it is only in a unified spirit of camaraderie and working together that we could potentially reverse the challenge of poverty, which affects us all. As a proudly Namibian company, we at O&L are committed to the goals and ideals of Vision 2030 and the HPP that addresses amongst others, unemployment and poverty alleviation. Our investments and innovations are O&L’s humble contributions to this cause. We need to be cognizant of the reality that government cannot do this alone. The future of our country and its economy, as well as the well-being and upliftment of each and every Namibian is dependent on the level of input from each and every one of us, especially the investment into the local economy by the local private sector,” Shilongo concluded.
Download PDF Document: Innovation can save the day
Published: 02 August 2017

Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia WIN A RIDE campaign an enormous success

Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia WIN A RIDE campaign an enormous success

Seven lucky Namibians each walked away with a brand new Nissan NP200 bakkie filled with groceries as winners of the WIN A RIDE campaign by Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group.

Described as an enormous success by the PnP Marketing Manager, Victoria Moller, the campaign was initially scheduled to run from the 29th of May to the 17th of July, but due to popularity beyond expectation, saw the extension of the closing date for entries to the 26th of July 2017. Moller: “We undermined the possible popularity of the campaign, and received much more entries than we anticipated. Through extending the closing date, we also gave more customers the opportunity to stand a chance to win these great prizes. We thank each and every PnP customer for their nonstop support, and we strive towards always bringing you valued services and great rewards.”

Store managers from PnP Rundu and PnP Walvis Bay were thrilled to handover hampers worth N$500 to Frieda Angula, Regiina Lugambo and Ndengu Shakalunga as the winners of the PnP Facebook selfie competition for which participants had to take a selfie with Kellogg’s, Rama, Sunlight or Vaseline products, then upload it to the PnP Facebook page with #pnpwinaride. The pictures with the most likes were selected as the winners.

The 7 Namibians who drove away with a Nissan NP200 bakkie, filled with groceries valued at N$3, 000 are Velmarie Fisch from Keetmanshoop, Rudolf Sumseb from Tsumeb, Stephanus Valombola from Ondangwa, Marius Feris from Windhoek, Romano Routh from Swakopmund, Elmary Nella, Windhoek and Shipweya Jafet from Oshakati. To win the Nissan NP200 bakkie with groceries, customers had to SMS their name and till slip number to 76000 from which the winners were selected via a draw audited by Deloitte. Customers had to spend at least N$200 at any PnP store to qualify for the draw.

PnP Namibia Brand Manager, Dandago Uiras: “Competitions like these are part of PnP’s efforts to build the communities and provide for exciting and memorable experiences for its customers. The WIN A RIDE campaign created a different level of excitement, and directly speaks to PnP’s commitment to the O&L group’s purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians.

Published: 01 August 2017

King Lager N$500 000 winner announced

 King Lager N$500 000 winner announced Married with three children, 54-year old Helena David who hails from the Oshikoto Region has been saving up for the past 20 years in hopes of owning her own house one day. Just recently David learned that her savings/contribution of N$50 per month over the past two decades – as a member of the Twangana group of shack dwellers - qualifies her for but a meager N$180,000 mortgage bond. King Lager – Namibia Breweries Limited’s (NBL) locally brewed beer that contains un-malted barley – has made this dream of David a reality when she was announced the grand prize winner of the King Lager campaign which ran from 05 December 2016 to the 31st of March 2017.

David: “I have been struggling for so long to have my own house, and was just about to give up on this dream when I learned of the King Lager competition in which I stood a chance to win N$500,000 towards my own home. I decided to take part and regarded this as my last and only hope to build a house for my family. Being announced as the grand prize winner gave me new hope in life. I am now able to build my own house, which changes my and my family’s life completely.” David has been living in a shack at the Greenwell Matongo resettlement area in Windhoek for the past twenty (20) years and shares her ‘home’ with her husband and one of three children.

David: “Entering the competition of King Lager was my only hope for a home my family and I can call our own. I learned of the campaign as I am a supporter of the brand, especially because the word “King” is representative of the men and women of this country who work hard every day to feed and build a future for their families, as well as to grow our nation.” David is currently in the process of finalizing her plans and hopes to start building her new home soonest.

Meanwhile, Johannes Matias from Swakopmund - the winner of the N$150,000 worth of building material in the same competition is also excited to use his winnings to build a home in the North, in Ondangwa – a dream come true. Matias: “I cannot wait to finally start building the house I have been dreaming of for so many years. Thank you Ohlthaver & List (O&L) (Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) is an affiliate company of the O&L Group) for staying true to your promise and purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life”. I am eternally grateful at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which King Lager in particular gave us as platforms such as these create excitement and hope, in this time where having your own home seems like a dream far-fetched for most Namibians – a very expensive and unaffordable reality for the majority. This competition, and the fact that I was lucky enough to be a winner, changed my life. I am truly grateful.”

NBL Senior Brand Manager: King Lager, Elize van Kradenburg stressed that the prizes put up for grabs during the King Lager campaign were the only ones that made sense, and really spoke to the need of many Namibians. Van Kradenburg: “It is impossible for so many Namibians to afford a house of their own, because of the exorbitant house prices in our country. When we decided on the prizes to give away, we did so in hopes that someone who really needs it, wins. We saw the competition prizes as befitting to the current position Namibians find themselves in with the sky-high cost of housing. When we sat down to decide what the prices will be, we were immediately drawn to this opportunity to hopefully make things easier for at least two Namibians in this trying times. I am excited and very happy that this was indeed the case as both David and Matias are truly deserving of this since they have been working extremely hard for many years towards the dream of housing them and their families. It makes my heart jump for joy that two well-deserved individuals and families who really need it, won these amazing prizes.”
Published: 01 August 2017

Namibia Dairies strengthens DD Guibeb primary school feeding program

 Namibia Dairies strengthens DD Guibeb primary school feeding program The DD Guibeb Primary School in Mariental last week received 552 litres of milk from Namibia Dairies (ND) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group. This annual donation to the school re-affirms ND’s support towards the school’s feeding program says Director: Agri-Business at Namibia Dairies’ !Aimab Superfarm, Borney Britz. This follows one week after ND donated 600litres of milk to the Moses Garoëb and Monte Christo Primary Project Schools – also an annual initiative in celebration of World Milk Month that is commemorated in June every year.

Britz: “Namibia Dairies fully supports and is very passionate and dedicated to living the group’s purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for all Namibians. We are also proud of the DD Guibeb Primary School initiative of the school’s feeding program – a great example set by this school of making an effort to make a difference, especially in self-support initiatives. We remain committed to contribute to uplifting the livelihoods of the communities in which we operate and as a milk and dairy producer and supplier, we are humbled to give back to the community as we want to make sure that all Namibians enjoy quality of life. Education is one of our key focus areas as a group, hence our commitment to support our local schools and contribute to a healthy and safe learning environment.”

O&L Group Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya: “No child can learn on an empty stomach - a healthy body equals a healthy mind. O&L is always happy and proud to enhance the lives of our country’s future generation, especially in contributing to providing a good learning environment, and relevant nutrition to keep the minds and bodies healthy. We are once again proud to contribute to the DD Guibeb Primary School’s feeding program, and trust this donation will go a long way in helping the learners achieve their greatest potential.”

Principal of the school, Alex Kamburute said the feeding program of the school benefits greatly from this donation. Kamburute: “Our children are mostly fed maize (porridge) through our feeding program, and we are unfortunately not in a position to consistently provide them with any supplements. This milk donated by ND annually always makes such a big difference, and contributes immensely to good health of the learners. I am truly grateful for this kind gesture by Namibia Dairies. I am confident that our relationship with Namibia Dairies will continue to grow from strength to strength.”

DD Guibeb Primary School currently accommodates approximately 560 learners from grades 1 to 7.