Social Upliftment & Philanthropy

With our group purpose of Creating a Future, Enhancing Life, the sustainability of our operations is central to all our business decisions. As a leading Namibian company with a long and proud heritage, we continuously consult our stakeholders, reassess our actions, challenge ourselves and commit to finding more sustainable ways of managing our business. In fulfilling our responsibilities as a leading corporate citizen, we support initiatives that are sustainable in the long term and which advance communities and engage employees, while building our corporate reputation and enhancing relationships with our stakeholders.

Being a diverse group with operations in amongst others fishing, beverages, retail and leisure to name but a few, the operating companies in the O&L Group support a diversity of programs whereby we strive to minimize any negative impacts, while maximizing our contribution towards advancing the communities within which we operate.

As such we fulfill our role as a responsible and caring corporate citizen through amongst others our support to national issues such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and vulnerable groups such as People with Disability, orphans and vulnerable children and the elderly.

As HIV/AIDS severely impacts the lives of thousands of children who are left orphaned and vulnerable, we work with various institutions such as the Organisation for the Empowerment of Widows and Orphans of Namibia (OEWONA) and the Dr Christina Swart-Opperman AIDS Orphan Foundation Trust, to provide basic care and support through the provision of blankets, clothing, and school fees. The benefit of working with institutions that are dedicated to community upliftment is that we are assured that our support benefits those who need it most.

The group is also quick to respond to national disasters such as the floods which affected many Namibians in the northern parts of the country and prompted an immediate response by Namibia Breweries (NBL) as well as Pick n Pay. We not only provided employees with relief, but also assisted the Government’s Emergency Management Unit with its national relief effort by sponsoring much-needed mosquito nets, blankets and food items, while making equipment available to offer temporary accommodation to those displaced by the floods.

NBL has earned recognition as a leader in promoting environmental preservation within and beyond its operations. In addition to employing cleaner production practices and ranking amongst the top five breweries in its peer group when it comes to managing efficiencies, NBL works with numerous stakeholders in promoting natural resources management in communities and promoting environmental responsibility, in the broader society.

Successful environmental initiatives by NBL include amongst others the Kaokoland Clean-up which saw the removal of more than 30 tonnes of glass from the fragile Kaokoland area, to Project Shine which has been active at the coast since 2007, and the Fish River Canyon Clean-up which commenced in 2011.

Namibia Breweries’ is also recognized as the Namibian alcohol industry leader in promoting responsible drinking. In addition to its targeted interventions aimed at promoting responsible drinking such as the “Too Young is Too Young” campaign aimed at addressing under-age drinking, and the “Think Ahead – Don’t Drink And Drive campaign”, NBL also plays a lead role in the Self-regulating Alcohol Industry Forum (SAIF) in Namibia, while actively supporting other industry associations such as the Botswana Alcohol Industry Association (BAIA) in Botswana. NBL also conducts the DRINKiQ program with staff in the O&L group as well as external stakeholders so as to encourage responsible drinking and establish partnerships to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Corporate sponsorships like the Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic and Katutura Fun Walk are among other events supported by Pick n Pay creating a high level of community and customer involvement. Numerous institutions for orphans and vulnerable children benefit regularly from support by operating companies such as Pick n Pay, Windhoek Schlachterei and Namibia Dairies throughout the country, while the Cancer Association benefits from support by Pick n Pay and Namibia Breweries. Broll implements numerous projects to enhance the lives of the elderly, while Hangana supports the elderly and orphans and vulnerable children in the coastal towns of Namibia.

The annual O&L Orphans and vulnerable children’s (OVCs) Christmas party is a joint initiative which sees all operating companies in the group supporting various children’s homes in Windhoek and the coast, and saw further volunteerism from our staff who personally made up gift boxes for many more children who could not be accommodated by the group initiatives.

In living our purpose of Creating a Future, Enhancing Life, we continuously review our programs and work with our partners to enhance the life and wellbeing of the societies within which we operate.